Automated, 100% Free SSL. Forever

We provide a fully automated SSL certificate installation and renewal process which does away with the cumbersome email verification for your SSL certificates. And because we're using Letsencypt certificates there is no charge for your SSL Certificates. Ever. You just get the certificates. Without doing anything.

How do I get a free certificate?

  1. Sign up for a Brownrice SmartVPS.
  2. Use our dashboard to set up a new web site with a couple of clicks.
  3. Make your site live by pointing DNS to your VPS's IP address.
  4. Wait a few minutes.
  5. Done!

Your SSL certificate is installed, configured, and ready to encrypt your site's traffic! And SSL renewals? Those just happen automatically.

How many SSL certificates can I have?

As many as you like. Every live site (and every subdomain) on your SmartVPS will receive a free SSL certificate, automatically.

How secure are these certificates?

Extremely secure. We're security specialists and ensure that your SSL ciphers are always up to date and secure. Check one of our clients certificates for yourself, right here.

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