Email Accounts
$2.00 per month, per account

Our multi-layered approach to protecting our customers inboxes from spam has evolved from years of battling spammers.

Our free anti-spam service, which is automatically enabled for all Brownrice email accounts, utilizes grey-listing, IP blacklists, URL blacklists, Spamhaus and Spamassassin to keep spam away. This works incredibly well for 95% percent of our email hosting customers.

And for those customers who have especially large amounts of incoming spam we can unleash our custom Advanced Spam Protection service for $1 per month per email account. This a self-contained, anti-spam algorithim and database for each email account. Our Advanced Spam Protection learns every incoming message and Quarantines spam based on your email patterns. There's nothing better, nothing more private, and nothing more customized for your inbox.

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