AutoTune & AutoScale

Your web traffic continually changes over time. Without re-tuning your server settings (and there are many knobs to adjust) your web site will likely slow to a crawl at the worst possible times - when real traffic arrives!

Our AutoTune system continually collects over 30 server performance metrics and automatically re-tunes your web and database server settings whenever anything gets slow so that your sites are always absolutely screaming fast.

Our AutoScale system is always monitoring your VPSs load average, web server and database connections and automatically scales your VPS up when these hit the ceiling so that your sites are never overwhelmed.

So no down-time, no slow-time, ever.

How much do these services cost?

Zero dollars. The Brownrice SmartVPS comes with AutoScale and AutoTune built-in and both are always free and fully automated.

Is there anything I need do know or do to take advantage of this?

AutoTune is enabled by default for all SmartVPSs while AutoScale is not. Both can be turned on or off via our dashboard.

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